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NH Spinners and Dyers Guild

The New Hampshire Spinners and Dyers Guild was formed by 30 members in 1980 to encourage the arts of spinning and dyeing.  We have grown to over 150 enthusiastic members from New Hampshire, New England, and the United States.  We welcome anyone interested in these arts to join us.

       Join in on the fun....


  • Guild Fashion Show
  • Knitting Workshops
  • Fleece & Flyer Newsletter                              
  • Sheep-to-Shawl Competitions
  • NH Sheep & Wool Festival
  • Rainbow Dyeing Workshop
  • Regional Spinning Groups
  • Guild Swap and Sell
  • Annual Wool Arts Tour
Try new Fibers and learn new techniques!
Whether you're an experienced spinner or new to the art, the NHSDG welcomes you.
 Opening announcements February 2011 - Fashion Show meeting. Photo courtesy of Sue H.

Some of the items on display from the 2014 Fashion Show.

color work and cables - handspun/hand dyed fiber


use of color and patterning - Fashion Show 2014


hand spun lace weight in a gorgeous hand knit shawl


designed on the needles as knitting with handspun/hand dyed yarn


Welcome to our website! Please visit us often and join one of our regional groups.  Members truly enjoy sharing and teaching what they know about the crafts of spinning and dyeing, and the gatherings around the State provide an opportunity to share the pleasure of fiber arts with friends.  

EFFECTIVE APRIL 9, 2017 - Janet has volunteered to take over the Membership Coordinator responsibilities.  Please contact with any questions about your membership at jlewis319@comcast.net.



 WE HAD A BIG CIRCLE OF MEMBERS AND THEIR WHEELS FOR THE ANNUAL MEETING APRIL 9 2017 AT THE EPSOM FIRE HALL.  A short business meeting with the Board members confirmed for another year.  Information about our Library materials - growing!  Planning for the S&W Festival demonstrations and skein contest coming up soon in May.  Marci from the Elegant Ewe spoke about the trip the The Shetlands that she and Amy of Elegant Ewe Travel are planning - if you are interested in joining them for Shetland Wool Week, please see the Resources of this website for further information.  Some show-and -tell of this year's projects to make up for the canceled Fashion Show.  Potluck feast and then our speaker - Lindsey Rice, owner of Bartlett Yarns in Harmony, ME. ANNUAL MEETING 2017His presentation included history of the mill, its processess for selecting, cleaning, blending, dyeing , spiinning - with tips on relating all of the same to our own craft of handspinning.  Thank you, Lindsey for sharing your insights and expertise with us.






POSTED: January 2, 2017:THE WHITE MOUNTAIN SPINNERS GROUP IS LOOKING FOR SPINNERS IN THE NORTH COUNTRY WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN GETTING TOGETHER.  Due to several spinners who have moved away, the number of people who are currently gathering to spin together has dwindled and they would love to meet more spinners in the Littleton, Lisbon,Bethlehem, Jefferson, etc. area..   If you are interested, please call June at 603-444-0765.   



THERE WAS A WONDERFUL TURNOUT FOR THE FASHION SHOW FEBRUARY 7th! PLENTY OF INSPIRATION AND SHARING OF IDEAS, TECHNIQUES AND A GREAT POTLUCK LUNCH TOO.  See pictures and descriptions of the grand array of items members brought to "show and tell" on the SCRAPBOOK page.  And check us out on Facebook too.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 2015 - Ellen Mason generously hosted a Dye Day at her home for Guild members.  Ellen organized the activity with plenty of space and supplies so that participants could just jump right in to try several different techniques for dyeing fiber from the fleece, prepared as roving, yarn, felt and even scarves!  She shared tips for using multi-colored yarn to its best advantage (and avoid some of those unwanted color pools) and for getting the yarn that you really want with striping and color gradation.  The photo below is just a sample of the day's activity.  Check our FaceBook page for more!


The yard was setup with tables, canopies and all the materials needed to try two different methods of dyeing fiber as yarn or roving - by handpainting HAND PAINTING ROVING AT ELLEN'S 091915 or with immersion in jars.  JARS OF DYED FIBER READY FOR PROCESSING 091915

Multi-colored roving VARIEGATED ROVING READY FOR HEAT 091915 ready to go into the steamer.  Even the refreshments were inspiring! PUMPKIN BREAD TOMATO PESTO Pumpkin bread with pesto and tomato... 

Ellen sharing with the group some design tips and trickshttp://www.nhsdg.org/UploadedFiles/Images/100_0676.JPG to help show off the best in a dyed yarn.  Yarn over/K2tog, short row designs, mosaic patterning...  Members shared ideas and skills with each other - we learned how-to knit backwards!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2014 - It was a big lively circle of spinners who turned out for the Annual Barnstead Swap.  The table was full of fiber disguised in various forms of the "brown paper bag" to try to sway each participant's selection.  This is a traditional Yankee Swap where every prize is up for grabs each time a new selection is opened - and there was plenty of laughter as the room was circled to make the trades.  Everyone went home a winner though because our members bring such lovely pieces from their own treasured stash - providing an opportunity to others to try their hand at something that might be outside their own typical repertoire.  We had several new members and some new spinners join us.  See the picture below - Judith helped one young lady start spinning on a stick while her Mom tried out the Guild's demo wheel.!  Check out the Guild's Facebook page to see more.

SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2014 - It was one of those most beautiful of NH summer days and a small gathering of Guild members spent it together spinning and chatting at the Jim Mitchell Park in Warner NH.  Many thanks to the Bookends bookstore for making such a lovely and comfortable space available to our group. The location also made an inviting spot for others to stop by to observe and ask questions.GUILD MEMBERS AND VISITORS WARNER NH JUNE 22 2014 There was agreement all around that this would be a wonderful addition to our annual calendar - and Warner, with its picturesque main street and interesting shops, including the bookstore (which is really so much more!) is worth the trip to visit.  Photo courtesy of Katharine at the Bookends bookstore - thanks again the wonderful hospitality!

GUILD MEMBERS:Have you signed up for a website login? 

An activated login is required to allow members to read the documents on the F&F page (left column under the photos).  These items include any special information messages that are posted to alert members about events.To create your account, enter your email address and a password you would like to use on the F&F page under the SIGN UP section.  The website program will send a message of your request to the Administrator.  I will then go into the website to give it the "ok" and send you back an email to tell you it is activated.  Your patience is appreciated - I try to check my email every day but the response will probably take a day.After receiving the "activated' email you will be able to login to read any of the information posted for members. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thanks! Janet



Members from all over the state brought an impressive variety of projects made from handspun and/or handdyed fibers to our annual Fashion Show in Epsom on February 9.  Check out the color photos on the Feb-Mar 2014 file posted to this website on the F&F page. Opening those files requires a login name and password.  If you don't have one, use the boxes on the right side of that page to request one and we'll send an activation back to you.


DO YOU HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT EVENTS TO SHARE?  We will be glad to note it on our calendar.  Use the "send message to administrator" option on the F&F page, or the email address on the Contact Us page.


Interested in joining the Guild?  These meetings are a great opportunity to meet members from all over the state and perhaps find a group of spinners that meets locally to you.  Use the "send message to administrator" feature on the Fleece & Flyer page for more information.

The December 2013- January 2014 issue of our newsletter, the Fleece & Flyer, features photos taken at the Dye Day that Ellen Mason hosted in September.  If you receive your copy by snail mail with the b&w copies, this website is the place to see the same in color.  Members: go to the Fleece & Flyer page on this screen and type in your email address and password.  If you already have a login activated the tags under the items in the left column of the page will change to "Read full newsletter" - meaning you can open them to read.  Don't have a login yet?  Sign in with your email and a password of your choice - you will receive a message back when it has been activated.  Not a member?  Use the same steps to send a message - we'll get back to you with more information.


Ellen prepared jars of dye in a color wheel presentation with samples of finished yarn - white, gray, fawn/brown.


 Ellen's color wheel with dyed samples on white/gray/fawn yarns

Jars of variegated yarn and fiberjars of variegated yarn and fiber ready for processingready for heat processing.

A small sample of the many beautiful skeins finished by the Dye Day participants.  finished skeins drying

POSTED 05/01/2013

Michael Hampton, the owner and operator of Hampton Fiber Mill & Spinnery in Richmond VT was the afternoon speaker at our Annual Meeting.  He came bearing gifts and complimenting the potluck lunch - both good introductions to a very lively and informative session.  Michael started his presentation walking us through the path to his dream of creating and working a fiber mill - from his introduction to knitting as a child to his decision to leave an engineering "day job" in TX.  In between there were all the steps that we other fiber enthusiasts understand so well - wanting to have more and better, less expensive, more creative, etc fiber to work with.  Using areas of the spinner's circle as his footprint, he gave us a virtual tour of the shop, describing the steps and machinery.  The planning and design, and the sourcing of the equipment, was an 18 month project.  His equipment is higher capacity than a mini-mill and he has processed a wide variety of fibers from far and wide - U.S. and beyond.  It was a great give-and-take session as he discussed some technical details about fiber processing (organic certification, why his mill is classified  as semi-worsted, recommended soaps for cleaning wool, what is superwash) and some fun facts about wool production around the country and the world. And, of course, he was among friends who could totally understand his enthusiasm for rescuing wool from dumpsters and then turning that wool into beautiful skeins and sweaters to be admired!  The gifts he brought?  Bags of fiber ready to spin - a variety that went to the cook who brought the terrific bean dish, to some who had terrific questions or good (not necessarily correct) answers, and to others for surprise reasons that deserved a door prize.  Many thanks to Michael for an interesting and educational afternoon. If you want to learn more about his mill, the website is  www.hamptonfibermill.com.

POSTED 10/28/2012

Members - check out the Opportunity List posted to the Fleece & Flyer page (left column under the photos). We will keep this updated with any requests we get for spinners to demonstrate or teach.  To read the documents on the F&F page, you must have an activated login.  Sign in with your email address and a password of your choice.  The website will send a message to your Membership Coordinator.  When active membership is confirmed, an email will be sent back confirming that your login will work.

On September 6 2012 the Wabi Sabi Spinners met for morning dye session at Susie Beers' home in Newmarket.  Natural dyes were the focus. Wabi Sabi natural dyed Sept 2012 They have shared some notes about what they learned and photos of their impressive results - read more about it on the Scrapbook page of this website.

April 15, 2012 - Annual Meeting.  A little business, fabulous food, sharing news and information with friends old and new.  After that, Barbara Clorite-Ventura came prepared with equipment and samples to walk us through the many methods of fiber preparation.  She covered the reasons for using varying techniques based on the properties of the fiber and the desired results for the yarn and the finished product.  Her demonstration of the use of cards, combs, flickers, explanation of the various sizes and kinds of each, plus the samples of fleece she brought to illustrate the best method for each was informative for both the new and seasoned spinners among us.  Many thanks to Barbara for coming to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with the Guild.



It was a great turnout for the Swap on November 12, 2011  The table was full of mystery packages holding a variety of beautiful fibers.  Traders had a difficult decicision to make -  keep or swap!  

 The members below came prepared for an action - packed afternoon - wheels equipped with cupholders.   More photos will be added to this website as members send them in.


The afternoon auction was a fun and profitable activity for both the bid winners and the guild.  Many thanks to Linda Stevens for her very generous donation of so many truly beautiful items, and our very best wishes to her as she pursues new adventures.

Included in the mix of donated fiber, yarns, books and equipment was a stack of past issues of Weavings from New England.  Carol is a new member from northern VT and was very pleased to find a 1986 issue featuring an interview she did including a photo and writings about her daughter's handspinning.   Carol would like to contact the bid winner who very kindly gave her that one booklet and has asked us to reach out via this message.  Carol can be reached by email at singspin@madriver.com.

Message to guild members who are already activated for "members only" access to the Fleece & Flyer page - if you have photos to share, use the "Message to admin" option on the F&F page. Not activated yet?  Request a login on F&F and the administrator will get back to you by email within a day or two. 




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