Barnstead Swap

The meeting at Barnstead was fun; lots of time to chat with friends and get reacquainted with those we don’t see as often. The food, of course, is always wonderful. There are so many good cooks in this group!

Lots of goodies in the Yankee Swap and lovely items made with the previous year’s fiber.

There were many hats and scarves donated for the Families in Transition and I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all who donated.


NH Sheep and Wool 2016

We had a new location which provided ample space and wove 6 shawls over the two days of the festival.  One shawl was donated to the festival to raffle.  Two shawls were raffled within our guild.  One went to Robin Golding and the other to Linda Sorenson.  The warp was donated by members of the guild at the annual meeting and the weft spun as a demonstration at the festival.  The fleece for the weft came from Fran Emory’s flock.