Double Knitting with Alasdair Post-Quinn January 2017

Double-knitting is a technique by which you create a fabric with two right-side layers.  It was new technique for many of us at the workshop and required much concentration and focus.

After a last minute scramble for a location, we met at a mill building in Manchester.  Alasdair introduced the technique and showing us impressive samples and then we were on our way.  Starting with an unusual long-tail cast on to thinking in reverse, linking edges and a cast off modification there was a lot of material covered in 3 hours.

It was fun to learn a new technique.  I now need to knit something at home to reinforce what I’ve learned.

 Alasdair teaching

  example of a double knit scarf  Some of his publications for sale

Amy King Workshop – Sept 2017

We had a great time at our dye day with Amy King Sunday. We spent the morning making a rainbow from primary colors then in the afternoon we spread out to make colors with 2 primaries and a breath of the 3rd to give us colors with a slight brown, olive greens, maroons and others, also some did kettle dyeing, some did multicolored top or roving, what ever our hearts desired, all under Amy’s expert guidance!

Preparing Fleece Workshop by Donna Kay

Preparing Fleece by Hand

This class was for anyone who wanted to learn simple, inexpensive methods of preparing washed fleece for spinning. Students tried thier hand at flick carding, hand carding and combing. They learned how to choose a method based on the type of fleece and the type of yarn they wanted from each type of fleece. Fleece from different breeds will be prepared and spun.