Annual Meeting!!

Our next annual meeting will be held on April 3 from 10 – 3 at the Epsom Fire Station in Epsom, NH. All are welcome. Our speaker will be Donna Kay teaching us what goes on during a skein contest. Please bring your own food and wear a mask when moving about. We will have a guest speaker, chat about a little business, have a little spin, and have fun!

Annual Skein Contest

The New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival may have been canceled, but we have decided to hold the Annual Skein Contest by MAIL!


Each skein will be judged on its own merits and awarded points accordingly. Ribbons will be assigned according to the Danish system. One rosette will be assigned to the top scoring skein in each class.

Each youth entrant will be awarded free, one-year membership in the NH Spinners & Dyers Guild with electronic newsletters and other communications.

Special Awards are offered as follows:

$35  from NEW HAMPSHIRE SPINNERS & DYERS GUILD for Best Skein Over All.

$25 from NH Sheep and Wool Growers Association for Best Skein Made from Wool from a New Hampshire sheep.

$25 certificate from TBD for Best Skein Made with a Spindle.

$25 from AKER FIBER FARM for Best Skein Spun by a Youth.

$25 for Best Skein Made from fiber dyed by the Exhibitor.

$25 for Best and membership Skein Spun by a Novice Spinner.

Display case 3

Granite Web Makers

It’s official! Please meet the, The Granite Web Makers! We are one of the three official USA teams for the 2020 International Back to Back Wool Challenge. The challenge is to shear a sheep, spin the wool into yarn, and knit a sweater all in one day following Challenge rules. This is a timed event!The event will happen at the 2020 New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, on Saturday May 9th, at the Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield, NH. We are also raising funds through this event for two non-profit organizations in NH. The organizations are, Caregivers of Southern Carroll County and Vicinity, Inc, who serve the towns of Alton, Ossipee, Tuftonboro, and Wolfeboro with transportation to/from medical and cancer treatment centers; The New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition which advocate for and provide assistance to New Hampshire residents with breast cancer. Come to the 2020 NH Sheep and Wool Festival on May 9th and cheer us on!

Please send donation checks to: Caregivers of Southern Carroll County, PO Box 801, Wolfeboro, NH 03894

New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition, 18 Belle Lane, Lee, NH 03861-6438 or visit their website to donate directly: